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A) Tan and Gold (Called Dragon Fly Earrings by Designer)

Measuring 2.25" with gold plated stainless ear wires.

B) Sunburst or Star in Purple and Tan with Metallic Hints

Measures 1.5" in drop length with stainless steel hooks

C) Pearl colored Blue and Brown with Tan (Also Dragon Fly design)  Measures 2.25" with stainless steel ear wires.

D) Turquoise with tan and Bronze with Bronze ear wires. Measuring 1.5" in drop length. 

E) Black and Blue with silver highlights. Stainless steel traditional hooks. Meausres 1.5"

 F) Paisley Duo Czech beads in a floral pattern. Measuring 1.5" in drop length.


Handcrafted by Itsadenise. All designs by Deborah Roberti. 

Something New! Boho Designs

PriceFrom $30.00
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