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The cheesy Christmas Earrings are back! All kidding aside, these are just in time for your Holiday magical moments.


A variety to choose from with varied lengths, shapes and designs. 


Hand Painted Grinch- Two designs.

Circle with hole, traditional stainless hooks, 2" drop length.

Long teardrop shape with Stainless steel Leverback Hooks, measuring 2.4".


Whimsical Tree Design- two shapes.

Teardrop Shape with cut out- 2.6" in drop length with traditional stainless hooks.

Teardrop with stainless hooks measuring 2.4" in drop length.


Lg Christmas Tree, Stainless Steel Leverback Hooks, made of cork leather. 2.75" in drop length.

Sm Christmas tree with Traditional Stainless steel hooks, measuring 2.25" in drop length, made of cork leather.

Tiny Teardrops in cork leather with a pinecone print. Stainless hooks measuring 1.5" in drop length.

Traditional size and Teardrop shape in the pinecone print. Stainless steel hooks with a drop length of 2.4"


Hallmark looking Tree Print Two shapes

Small Squatty teardrop with traditional Stainless Steel Hooks- Measuring 1.8" in drop length. 

Longer narrow teardrop with traditional Stainless steel Hooks Measuring 2.4" in drop length.

Christmas Earrings

PriceFrom $15.00
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